I don’t like labels

From full-blown carnivore to vegetarian and even breatharian, theres a whole list of terms we could all use to describe our eating habits today.

Safe to say in my 28 years of life I’ve only ticked three of those boxes – carnivore, vegetarian and prescatarian. But here’s the thing, I haven’t eaten meat since August (It started as a 21-day vegetarian challenge with some friends. More about that later). After the 21 days I added fish (salmon and tuna, specifically) back into my diet, but after watching What the Health I havent eaten it and I’m trying to cut down on dairy and eggs too.

Ovo-lacto-vegetarian sounds more like a medical condition and not something I want to subscribe to. So I’m done with labels. Ok, not all labels. The ones stuck on items (specifically clothes) telling me it’s been discounted can stay. There’s nothing sweeter than a bargain!

Wouldn’t you agree?

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